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Yahsat Joins UAE Climate Change Pledge

By Mark Holmes | September 1, 2022

UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. Photo via Yahsat

Yahsat is one of 21 UAE companies to pledge support for the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment’s (MoCCAE) strategic initiative, the company announced Sept. 1. The aim here is about driving the engagement of the private sector in advancing national decarbonization efforts to support the UAE Net Zero 2050 Strategic Initiative. The pledge took place on Aug. 29 as part of the fourth stage of the National Dialogue for Climate Ambition (NDCA), a series of sector specific assemblies aimed at establishing a national sustainability culture and highlighting the country’s efforts to achieve climate neutrality.

Yahsat pledged its support efforts to combat climate change – in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13 on climate action – by enhancing its measurement and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions, developing plans to reduce its carbon footprint, and adapting climate change mitigation efforts into the company’s business. Yahsat further pledged to incorporate an inclusive approach to its sustainability and climate change action plans through the inclusion of youth, women, and vulnerable segments of society.

“Joining the UAE Climate-Responsible Companies Pledge is closely aligned with our strategy to embrace this vision and reaffirms our commitment of adopting enhanced measures to drive transparency and promote environmental protection. We look forward to being part of this collaborative and collective effort across the private sector, non-governmental organizations and international entities in the UAE,” Ali Al Hashemi, CEO of Yahsat, said in a statement.