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Orion Space Solutions to Develop 3 Satellites for US Space Force Tetra-5 Mission

By Rachel Jewett | August 17, 2022

      Photo: Shutterstock

      The U.S. Space Force awarded Orion Space Solutions a contract worth up to $44.5 million to develop three spacecraft for its Tetra-5 Space Vision program. Orion Space announced the award Tuesday, and said it will work with partners Hera Systems, Booz Allen Hamilton, and SCOUT Space.

      According to Space Systems Command, the Tetra-5 program is a constellation of up to three prototype spacecraft to demonstrate key inspection and docking capabilities of on-orbit refueling. This mission will mature and develop technologies for a potential first Space Force demonstration of on-orbit fluid transfer refueling.

      The Tetra-5 vehicles will be designed as smallsats with at least a two-year mission life in Geostationary Orbit (GEO). The Space Force anticipates a 5-year development and mission for the program and the award is valued at $44.5 million if all options are exercised. 

      “The team, comprised largely of small, non-traditional aerospace businesses, demonstrates the depth of skill, as well as agility and innovation that small business delivers to U.S. government programs and more broadly within the aerospace industry,” commented Chad Fish, COO of Orion Space Solutions.