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Mitsubishi Electric Joins Optus Team for Australian Defense Satellite Proposal

By Mark Holmes | February 4, 2022
Optus C1 Australia

Artist’s rendition of the Optus C1 satellite. Photo: Optus Satellite

Mitsubishi Electric is getting involved in an important Australian defense project by joining Team AUSSAT, which includes Optus, Raytheon Australia, and Thales Australia, the company announced Feb. 3. Optus, Australia’s largest satellite owner and operator, will use Mitsubishi Electric satellites for Team AUSSAT’s JP9102 Australia Defence Communication System proposal.

JP9102, the Australian Defence Satellite Communication System (ADSS), is a project of the Australian Department of Defence to establish a new Australian milsatcom system. Four teams are competing for the contract.

The partnership further builds on the recent Defence and Security treaty signed between Australia and Japan, making this one of the first tangible examples of the nation’s working together following the treaty. Team AUSSAT’s proposition leverages over 12,000 Australians, and said its JP9102 offering will create a highly skilled Australian workforce which Optus says will have national space experience, capacity, and capability for the future.

Mitsubishi Electric was also the prime contractor on Optus C1 satellite, which currently provides critical mission capabilities to the Australian Defence Force.

“As a leader in the Australian space sector, Optus is thrilled that we can once again work closely with Mitsubishi Electric, further building on our Optus C1 success, and ensuring the highest design, build and launch standards from Team AUSSAT,” Optus Chief Executive Kelly Bayer Rosmarin said in a statement.