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Lepton Global Adds Kymeta Technology to Government Offering

By | November 6, 2018
Emergency response vehicle equipped with Kymeta KyWay terminal. Photo: Kymeta

Emergency response vehicle equipped with Kymeta KyWay terminal

Lepton Global Solutions is partnering with Kymeta, a manufacturer of the electronically-steered, flat-panel Kymeta KyWay satellite terminal in a bid to elevate its position in the government market. Lepton Global has added Kymeta’s next generation flat-panel technology to its government customer offering. Lepton is an end-to-end satellite communications service provider.

Kymeta’s Ku-band high-throughput communication system does not require mechanical components to steer toward a satellite. It aims to provide value to Lepton’s government and military customers seeking fast-tracking, on-the-move, high-speed connectivity in areas where terrestrial networks are unreliable or non-existent.

Lepton Global synchronizes global satellite capacity, hub infrastructure, and multiple points of presence. “Adding Lepton Global to our distribution partner community will further support our efforts to bring broadband global, mobile connectivity where it has never been before,” said Kymeta’s Vice President (VP) of Business Development and Sales Paul Mattear.