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Telit Reveals New IOT Module with GSM/GPRS

By | November 6, 2018
IOT visualization. Image: Pixabay

IOT visualization. Image: Pixabay

Telit revealed its GE310-GNSS, an Internet of Things (IOT) module with Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)/General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), multi-constellation satellite positioning and Bluetooth functionality, in a 270 mm2 form factor. The GE310-GNSS aims to enable Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators in application areas such as asset management, utilities, and telematics, meet demand in regional markets like Europe where 2G is forecast to remain in strong growth in number of IOT connections for many years.

The GE310-GNSS features a miniature form factor packaged in an LGA 94-round-pad format. It is designed to meet the demand in Europe, Latin America, and other regional markets for compact devices such as health and wellness monitors, smart residential and commercial thermostats, commercial fleets, and IOT connected grid equipment for smart utilities. The GE310-GNSS is supported by Europe’s Galileo as well as other satellite positioning constellations.

The GE310-GNSS is part of Telit’s futureproofing promise, which to help customers leverage 2G’s low cost and gapless European coverage immediately while retaining absolute control of when they switch to a compatible 4G module in the Telit family lineup.