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Asian Navy Customer Purchases Orbit OceanTRxTM4 Maritime VSAT Systems

By Caleb Henry | February 2, 2015
      OceanTrx4 Orbit

      OceanTrx4. Photo: Orbit Communications Systems

      [Via Satellite 02-02-2015] Orbit Communications Systems has received a contract from an Asian Navy customer for its new OceanTRxTM4 maritime satellite communication systems. The customer has used Orbit’s previous-generation OrSatTM maritime VSAT systems for five years, and has decided to upgrade new ships with the company’s latest satcom solution.

      The OceanTRxTM 4 stabilized VSAT antenna system measures 1.15 meters, and supports multi-band frequency configurations including X, Ku and Ka bands at different Block Upconverter (BUC) power levels. The upgradable system is designed for robust RF performance and dynamic response under adverse sea conditions.