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Orbcomm, Savi Receive RFID-IV Contract From DoD

By Caleb Henry | April 24, 2014
      Abrams Main Battle Tank

      An Abrams main battle tank used by the U.S. Army. Photo: Army

      [Via Satellite 04-24-2014] The United States Department of Defense has awarded Savi Technology, a partner company of Orbcomm, with a five-year contract as the sole provider to the $204 million RFID-IV program. The DoD set a $102 million cap for Savi to provide active Radio Frequency Identification (aRFID) sensors, readers, Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), Satellite Communication (SATCOM) and other hardware and software products. Orbcomm and Savil will offer satellite and RFID tags along with other sensor technology that runs on Orbcomm’s network.

      The RFID-IV program includes satellite-based Enhanced In-Transit Visibility (EITV) and Advanced Intrusion Tracking Detection (ATID) to enable global asset planning and tracking for government customers. Satellite tracking services provide visibility of government cargo for the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and other customers while in transit. The system sends real-time alerts for security breaches and other anomalies.