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Boeing Demonstrates Possibilities for Military Access to Low-Cost Communications Pathways

By Tai Nichols | September 19, 2013
      ViaSat 1 Broadband Satellite. Photo: Space Systems/Loral

      ViaSat 1 Broadband Satellite
      Photo: Space Systems/Loral

      [Via Satellite 09-19-13] Boeing has transmitted a government-developed, frequency-hopping signal through a commercial satellite, demonstrating the potential for the military to access more communications pathways at a lower cost than building new satellites, while protecting its data from jamming attempts.

      In July, Boeing used the government’s protected tactical waveform to securely transmit information over ViaSat 1, illustrating how the U.S. Department of Defense could add anti-jam bandwidth very cost-effectively. The government signal is compatible with industry standards and multiple frequency bands.

      Boeing is one of several contractors selected by the U.S. Air Force Space Command to participate in the Protected Military Satellite Communications Design for Affordability Risk Reduction study.