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ISRO, CNES Megha-Tropiques Set to Launch Oct. 12

By | October 5, 2011
      [Satellite TODAY 10-05-11] The Megha-Tropiques advanced weather and climate research satellite, a collaborative effort between Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and French Space Agency (CNES), is set to launch on an ISRO PSLV rocket from the Bay of Bengal on Oct. 12, the partners confirmed Oct. 3.
         Once in orbit, the satellite will pass around the Earth’s equator, completing about six circuits of the globe per day instead of an average of two by other satellites.
         The satellite was designed to study the water cycle in the tropics and its relationship to climate change. Equipment on board the Megha-Tropique satellite will use microwave technology to cut through clouds and examine in detail their structure and the composition of cyclones. Megha-Tropiques also will observe other climate phenomena including greenhouse gases, and the life cycle of tropical storms.
         The Megha-Tropiques program was originally scrapped in 2003, but later revived in 2004 when India increased its contribution to the total program costs.

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