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SkyPort to Expand Emergency SatCom Services to The National Guard

By | September 16, 2008

      [Satellite Today 09-16-08]  The Texas National Guard has contracted with SkyPort Global Communications to provide expanded satellite communications solutions throughout the state for ongoing operations, training exercises and in emergencies, SkyPort announced Sept. 16.
          As part of the agreement, the Texas National Guard will co-locate routers at SkyPort’s secure teleport facility at the Ellington Field joint reserve base in Houston and also provide connectivity to dedicated T-1 lines at the Guard’s headquarters at Camp Mabry in Austin.
          SkyPort said it will supply ongoing satellite access and up to 5 MHz of bandwidth, giving the Guard access to the world-wide communications network in the event of a loss of land-based network access.
          In addition to the Texas National Guard, SkyPort said it is also supporting four Florida National Guard emergency communications trailers that were deployed into the area to aid the Guards efforts in keeping first responders connected.

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