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Forsway Appoints Bengt Jonsson as Chairman

By Mark Holmes | June 14, 2023

      Bengt Jonsson. Photo: Forsway

      Forsway has appointed Bengt Jonsson as its new chairman, the company announced June 14. A long-time investor with strong roots in Forsway, Jonsson previously served as managing director of the company. Jonsson takes over from Mats Andersson, who served as chairman for nine years.

      The company, which has been going almost 20 years, aims to help operators extend and boost broadband services in regions with limited infrastructure or capacity. Forsway has developed technology, delivering hybrid satellite internet solutions that combine the benefits of satellite and existing terrestrial networks. Forsway solutions are deployed in the U.S., Europe, Africa, APAC, and Latin America.

      “I am pleased to embark on this next step in developing Forsway’s global growth journey with my fellow board members and a highly engaged management team. The company’s vision to enable broadband services and connectivity for the hundreds of millions lacking internet access around the globe is a goal that can make the world a truly better place – providing opportunities for prosperity, education, and health services,” Jonsson said in a statement.