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Axiom Secures $130 Million to Build Massive Privately-Owned Space Station

By Jeffrey Hill | February 16, 2021

The Axiom Station concept. Photo: Axiom Space

Houston-based startup Axiom Space has successfully raised $130 million in Series B funding to support its goal of building the world’s first commercial space station. The company said that it would use the funds to hire more employees.

Axiom was founded in 2016 with the purpose of building “Axiom Station,” a privately-owned space station that the company believes will serve as the center of space commerce in orbit. In January 2020, NASA selected Axiom to begin attaching its own space station modules to the International Space Station (ISS) starting in 2024.

C5 Capital served as the lead on Axiom’s Series B funding, with contributions from TQS Advisors, Declaration Partners, Moelis Dynasty Investments, Washington University in St. Louis, The Venture Collective, Aidenlair Capital, Hemisphere Ventures, and Starbridge Venture Capital. C5 Operating Partner Rob Meyerson will join the Axiom Board of Directors.

“Axiom Space is a force in the space sector, and it will become a centerpiece of the C5 Capital portfolio and enhance our vision for a secure global future,” Meyerson said in a statement. “The Axiom Station will be the infrastructure upon which we will build many new businesses in space, and it will serve as the foundation for future exploration missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.”