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Boeing HorizonX Fund Invests in Morf3D to Boost 3D Printing Engineering

By Adrienne Harebottle | April 24, 2018

Morf3D’s manufacturing and innovation center in based in California, United States. Photo Credit: Morf3D

Boeing has announced its investment in Morf3D, a company specializing in metal-based additive engineering and manufacturing, and 3D-printed parts for aerospace applications.

Since Morf3D was established in late 2015, the company has produced 3D-printed titanium and aluminum components for Boeing satellites and helicopters. With this investment, Morf3D will collaborate with Boeing to further develop manufacturing processes and engineering capabilities.

“This investment will enable us to increase our engineering staff and expand our technology footprint of EOS M400-4 DMLS systems to better serve the growing demands of our aerospace customers,” said Ivan Madera, CEO of Morf3D.

Boeing HorizonX Ventures co-led this Series A funding round. The Boeing HorizonX Ventures investment portfolio is made up of companies specializing in technologies for aerospace and manufacturing innovations, including autonomous systems, energy storage, advanced materials, augmented reality systems and software, machine learning, hybrid-electric and hypersonic propulsion, and Internet of Things (IOT) connectivity.