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Khrunichev, Roscosmos Prepare Proton For Loutch SC Launch

By Caleb Henry | September 25, 2014
      Proton Khrunichev ILS

      A Proton rocket on its way to set up for launch. Photo: Khrunichev.

      [Via Satellite 09-25-2014] After receiving approval from Russia’s State Commission, Roscosmos and the state-run Khrunichev Space Center have moved the Proton M ILV rocket to the launch pad at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The rocket is currently being readied for a Sept. 28 launch, carrying the relay satellite Loutch SC or “Ray,” which was built by JSC Information Satellite Systems – Reshetnev Company (ISS-Reshetnev).

      Khrunichev, the manufacturer of Proton, and the Russian space agency will fuel the rocket and review the ILV hardware as well as ground support equipment between now and launch. The government-run September launch marks the return of Proton following a May 2014 failure resulting in the loss of RSCC’s Express AM4R satellite.