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NanoRacks Evaluating CubeSat Deployer Malfunction

By Caleb Henry | September 4, 2014
      cubesat depolyer

      In the grasp of the Japanese robotic arm, the CubeSat deployer releases a pair of NanoRacks CubeSat miniature satellites. Image Credit: NASA

      [Via Satellite 09-04-2014] NanoRacks is continuing to study an anomaly that occurred with the company’s CubeSat deployers on the International Space Station (ISS), which have ceased to deploy CubeSats when commanded. While looking for a solution, the company intends to continue attempting to deploy satellites already aboard the space station.

      Both NASA and JAXA are assisting NanoRacks with teams to help resume deployments but an alternative fix is also in the works. NanoRacks said it plans to send a new command box to the ISS, which may correct the anomalies. Current and future deployments should have use of the new command box by early 2015.