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RSCC Gunning to Become Satellite Industry’s Fifth Largest Player

By Caleb Henry | April 10, 2014
      Andrey Kirillovich interview SATELLITE

      Andrey Kirillovich, Director of Integration Services and Projects at RSCC, talks to Via Satellite at SATELLITE 2014

      Currently in the midst of a massive constellation renewal effort, Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) is building out a fresh fleet of satellites that it hopes will propel the company into the industry’s top five. At SATELLITE 2014, Andrey Kirillovich, director of integration services and complex projects at RSCC, sat down with Via Satellite to outline the company’s goals.

      “Right now RSCC is busy with the total renewal of its satellite fleet,” said Kirillovich. “The first satellite has been successfully launched just recently and has just reached its orbital position. In 2014 we also have five more launches to orbit six satellites, and another one satellite is planned in 2015.”

      Shortly after the conference, RSCC completed the launch of two satellites, Express AT1 and Express AT2, using a Proton rocket. During the interview Kirillovich explained how RSCC plans both to service Russia as well as new markets around the world using its renewed constellation.

      Watch the full interview here