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2022 Space Disposal and Debris Mitigation Conference

January 12 @ 5:00 am - January 13 @ 5:00 am

A new space age is upon us, with countries and corporations around the globe moving to collectively add tens of thousands of satellites into Low Earth Orbit. This increasing proliferation of technological constellations has driven a need for more aggressive space traffic management, which will necessarily include processes for mitigating the threat presented by existing orbital debris as well as managing future endeavors in a way that avoids increasing the debris population. Highly complex processes that enable the disposal of existing orbital debris, the application of on-orbit services, and the use of various deorbit methodologies are key to maintaining the scale of investment in satellite deployment projected in the coming decades.

The Space Disposal and Debris Mitigation Conference will examine the latest advances in strategies and technological processes involved in orbital space policy. Register now for this virtual summit to address these issues and more. Attendees will come away with a clearer understanding of the potential for protecting and maximizing future endeavors planned for the near-Earth environment.


January 12 @ 5:00 am
January 13 @ 5:00 am
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