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Eviden Brings Satellite Monitoring Capabilities to Greece

By Mark Holmes | January 25, 2024

Eviden is to help set up a new satellite monitoring system in Greece. The company, part of the Atos Group, will collaborate with the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post commission (EETT), the National Regulatory Authority (NRA) on the project. EETT, as the Independent Administrative Authority of Greece, seeks to better exercise its responsibilities on satellite spectrum issues, for the benefit of the business and research environment, as well as to cultivate innovation in the field of electronic communications based on satellite broadband networks. Eviden announced the contracts, Jan. 25.

Eviden is a business that specializes in digital, cloud, big data and security. The contract encompasses the establishment of a fixed monitoring station specifically tailored for the frequency spectrum used in satellite communications. This station will comprise reflector type antennas, an RF system linking antennas with measuring equipment, a transmitter geolocation system, cutting-edge hardware and software for data recording, processing, storage, and visualization, a comprehensive monitoring and control system, and an independent power supply.

The Satellite Monitoring Station named ‘ΕΟS’ is a significant moment, as it marks EETT’s entry into satellite/space communications and will incorporate modern technologies, processes and applications and software tools in the field of satellite spectrum monitoring.

Eviden’s SkyMon SATCOM solution aims offers a sophisticated, automated radio frequency traffic monitoring system, empowering operators with comprehensive tools to continuously monitor satellite to ground station links from a centralized hub. Furthermore, the data evaluation stemming from the Satellite Monitoring Station’s operations will augment EETT’s consulting capabilities across various sectors of the national economy. This will support other relevant government bodies in policy formulation and the implementation of strategic initiatives.

“With this new collaboration with EETT we are consolidating our position of leader in the satellite monitoring. With SkyMon we are providing a state-of-the-art digital solution using proven and advanced AI and Cloud solutions.” Bruno Milard, VP, Head of Aerospace & Defense Electronics, Eviden, Atos Group, said in a statement.