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SpiderOak Snags Investments from Accenture, Raytheon Technologies & Stellar Ventures

By Rachel Jewett | May 18, 2023

Photo: SpiderOak

Satellite cybersecurity company SpiderOak has received new investments from Accenture Ventures, Raytheon TechnologiesRTX Ventures, and Stellar Ventures — beyond the company’s $16.4 million Series C round closed in January.

The company said this investment will fund the company’s deployment of its zero-trust data security solutions for space missions. SpiderOak plans to extend its OrbitSecure software into the ground infrastructure for end-to-end encrypted data security.

“SpiderOak’s innovative approach to zero-trust cybersecurity solutions for the space industry aligns with our mission to prioritize and elevate cybersecurity in this critical area,” said Tom Patterson, Quantum and Space Security lead at Accenture. “To safeguard our future, we must give cybersecurity the same priority in space as it now has throughout critical infrastructure on the ground.”

SpiderOak also has a strategic partnership with Raytheon Technologies’ BBN division to develop and field a new generation of zero-trust security systems for satellite communications in proliferated LEO. The partnership plans to combine the OrbitSecure solution with Raytheon BBN’s Distributed, Disrupted, Disconnected and Denied (D4) secure cloud solution.

“The satellite systems we rely on to be the eyes and ears of our national defense are very much at-risk from cyber threats; we see our investment in SpiderOak as a key enabler in helping our clients maintain, secure and resilient data communication and storage in these highly contested environments from ground to LEO to cislunar,” commented Daniel Ateya, president and managing director of RTX Ventures.