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Cloud Constellation, X2nSat Form Reseller Partnership

By Annamarie Nyirady | February 27, 2019
    Cloud Constellation SpaceBelt

    An artist’s rendition of SpaceBelt. Photo: Cloud Constellation

    Cloud Constellation and X2nSat entered into a reseller partnership to address the mission-critical needs of customers where a data breach and/or loss of communications can impact the welfare of individuals under critical care or entire population centers. Cloud Constellation and X2nSat will collaborate to enable services that combine the security of data storage, isolated from the vulnerabilities of terrestrial infrastructure, with business continuity solutions that are critical for the healthcare and smart grid industries.

    Cloud Constellation’s SpaceBelt Data Security as a Service (DSaaS) offers global managed network services and cloud data storage in space to enterprise, government and military organizations. Envisioned as an extension of an organization’s enterprise network, SpaceBelt provides secure, dynamic network and cloud data storage services between any locations on Earth. Utilizing a constellation of eight satellites in low earth orbit (LEO), SpaceBelt services provide strong data security by providing global isolation of a customer’s high-value, highly sensitive data assets, whether at rest or in motion.

    Adding the SpaceBelt service offering to the X2nSat portfolio of services will allow their clients to have a new capability for secure storage and global access to data. As a client-focused core value company, X2nSat looks for opportunities to create custom solutions for high need enterprise customers that require flexibility and innovative services. The ability to access blockchain data, security keys, and financial account information reliably from anywhere in the world is essential for the companies who participate in the global marketplace.