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Ovzon is Ready to Begin Ovzon 3 Era

By Mark Holmes | June 14, 2024

Rendering of the Ovzon 3 satellite. Photo: Ovzon

Ovzon will soon be selling services based on its Ovzon 3 satellite. Its Ovzon 3 satellite has reached Geostationary Orbit (GEO) after a five-month journey in space. The satellite is expected to enter commercial service mid-year 2024. Ovzon announced the satellite reaching its orbital position, June 14.

Initial tests have been conducted by the manufacturing partner Maxar, and the satellite, including the Ovzon On-Board-Processor, will soon be handed over to Ovzon for further in-orbit testing. Earlier in the second quarter 2024, Ovzon announced two new Satcom-as-a-Service offerings (SaaS) for the Ovzon 3 satellite, that aim to meet customers’ needs for performance, mobility, and resiliency. The new services, Ovzon Pegasus and Ovzon Orion, are based on the technology and capabilities of the Ovzon 3 satellite and the Ovzon On-Board-Processor.

“The initial tests show that the satellite is in excellent condition, and our timeline remains intact. We expect the satellite to enter service within a few short weeks. We continue to experience a rising interest from a broadening customer base in the unique features found only in the Ovzon Pegasus and Ovzon Orion services offered with Ovzon 3. Ovzon 3 based Satcom-as-a-Service will bring unmatched performance, mobility and resiliency to the market when the world needs it the most”, Per Norén, CEO, Ovzon, said in a statement.