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XipLink Adds Enhanced LEO Features to XipOS SD-WAN

By Jeffrey Hill | June 6, 2024
Satellite Cellular Backhaul

Photo by Via Satellite

Montréal-based networking technology company XipLink is adding enhanced features and functionality to its XipOS SD-WAN solution. The company announced Thursday that while the new enhancements support multi-orbit satellite networks, the were developed more specifically for needs in the LEO segment.

The XipOS solution is designed to provide consistent cellular data services, utilizing available bandwidth at the highest possible capacity. XipLink’s new LEO-focused XipOS features include: “Selective Stream Duplication,” which duplicates packets for a given stream, allowing critical traffic such as signaling for cellular backhaul or higher authority voice traffic in military to pass more reliably over Internet and limited QoS networks; a “Dynamic Link Estimation” algorithm with improved traffic management features for LEO; and an “Advanced Buffer Management” for LEO networks, which aims to improve application performance over low orbit links with varying service quality.

“We are pleased to announce the addition of new features to further enhance XipOS capabilities to improve performance of applications over highly dynamic LEO services” Karim-Eric Fodil-Lemelin, XipLink’s Senior Vice President of Engineering, said in the announcement. “These enhancements enable our customers to address challenges faced in supporting certain applications requiring consistency of service, enabling them to harness the full potential of XipLink’s multi-orbit capabilities.”