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Intelsat’s FlexMove Service Expands Land Mobility in India

By Abbey Weltman | March 12, 2024

Indian flag. Photo: Pixabay

Intelsat is bringing its FlexMove service to deliver land mobility connectivity to customers in hard-to-reach locations throughout India. This is done in collaboration with Intelsats India-based partner, Cloudcast Digital Limited (CDL). CDL’s technology services are managed by, teleport and video platform service, Planetcast Media Services.

CDL and Intelsat introduced Flex services into India in 2022 by combining Intelsat’s satellite capacity, a flex gateway in Noida, India, and CDL’s in-flight and maritime connectivity license to deliver FlexMaritime service.

Intelsat announced Monday that it is expanding the capabilities of Flex service over India to include FlexMove, working with CDL. With FlexMove, CDL can deliver service for land-mobile applications, to support operations for border security, police forces, and disaster relief agencies using vehicle-mounted and backpack solutions. Additional Flex services will include FlexEnterprise and FlexExec which provide maritime, enterprise, business jet and media services to customers in India

“As an established industry leader, we will leverage our experience and investment to drive expansion for our customers. We welcome like-minded players such as Planetcast as strategic partners while providing services to newer business segments in India,” said Gaurav Kharod, regional vice president of Intelsat, Asia Pacific.