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Intelsat and AMN to Target Three New Markets in Africa

By Mark Holmes | November 15, 2023
An Africa Mobile Networks antenna in Africa. Photo: Intelsat

An Africa Mobile Networks antenna in Africa. Photo: Intelsat

Intelsat is working to reduce the digital divide in Africa, using satellite technology to bring connectivity to millions of people. Working alongside Africa Mobile Networks (AMN), it has deployed more than 3,000 rural base satellite antennas across several countries in Africa since 2018, providing new telecoms services to more than 8 million people. Intelsat revealed details of this collaboration on Nov. 14.

The companies are also planning additional operations in Madagascar, Rwanda, and DRC. AMN expects to build more than 1,340 rural base stations across the three new markets as it looks to expand its operations in Africa.

AMN is a group of companies that builds, owns, operates and maintains mobile network infrastructure servicing Africa’s largest mobile network operators (MNOs). AMN’s largest network is in Nigeria and now features more than 1,350 sites. With more than 450 sites added just since June 2023, the collaboration now provides phone and internet services to more than 3.5 million people in previously unconnected Nigerian communities.

“Through this commitment to bridging the digital divide, we’ve made a significant impact and we look forward to furthering our mission of connectivity, ensuring that more communities can access the benefits of telecommunication services. Together with AMN, we aim to make a lasting difference in Africa’s digital landscape,” Jean Philippe Gillet, SVP of Global Sales for Networks and Media at Intelsat, said in a statement.