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New Satellite Track and Trace Solution for Logistics Industry is on the Way

By Mark Holmes | October 2, 2023
    Shipping containers maritime asset tracking

    Shipping containers at Port Herriot. Taken from a boat on the Rhône River. Photo: jan buchholtz

    A number of companies have joined forces to bring a new track & trace solution for the logistics industry using satellite technology. WISeKey, a global cybersecurity company, is teaming up with WISeSAT, Fossa Systems, and BA Lab the technology division of Bernardino Abad SL have come to together to create this new solution targeting smart containers. The partnership agreement was announced Oct. 2.

    This collaborative effort aims to revolutionize the way smart containers are monitored, ensuring trust and security throughout the supply chain. WISeKey itself brings an extensive experience in cybersecurity to the partnership, as it aims to ensure the highest levels of data protection and secure communication between devices in the logistics ecosystem. The solution also aims to contribute to sustainability efforts by enabling efficient route planning and resource utilization.

    All the companies involved are optimistic about the solution and say that a couple of large smart containers projects for Europe and Asia will be publicly announced very shortly.