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Comtech Demonstrates 5G Connection Over Satellite in Greece 

By Lauren McCaffrey | March 16, 2023

    Comtech Telecommunications successfully tested and validated 5G connectivity over a satellite network in Greece, in collaboration with Cloud Signals, Hellas Sat, and a mobile network operator (MNO), the company announced Wednesday, March 15. 

    During the demonstration, a commercial 5G node was connected to an MNO’s 5G testbed network and relayed over a satellite link provided by the Hellas Sat. Comtech’s Elevate VSAT solution delivered high speed backhaul services for the 5G satellite-based connection. 

    Dr. Christos Papachristos, CEO of Cloud Signals, explained the real need for providing a 5G network onboard commercial and government maritime vessels, but what remains to be done is a commercial cooperation and market launch for their service.

    “This demonstration showcased our ability to easily blend satellite and terrestrial technologies to deliver 5G capabilities to remote areas that are unconnected or underserved by traditional terrestrial and wireless infrastructures,” said Ken Peterman, president and CEO of Comtech.