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Granite to Offer Satellite Internet on Viasat’s Network

By Rachel Jewett | November 29, 2022

Granite Telecommunications signed a deal to offer satellite internet using Viasat’s satellite network, the companies announced Tuesday. Granite, based in Massachusetts, provides voice, data, internet, wireless, video and secure networks for businesses with multiple locations and serves more than 650,000 locations.

Granite said Tuesday it is “relaunching” its relationship with Viasat. With this coverage, Granite can offer satellite internet service at broadband speeds to 99% of the country, the company said, including rural areas.

“We are excited to work with Viasat to deliver secure, reliable satellite internet service to locations throughout the country, including underserved communities where access and cost barriers have put high-speed internet out of reach. Viasat’s expansive coverage footprint supports Granite in bridging the coverage gap for those customers virtually anywhere in the U.S.,” commented Granite President and CEO Rob Hale.

Granite serves businesses and government agencies in the United States and Canada, including more than two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies.