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Globalstar to Roll Out Satellite IoT Monitoring Solution for Latin America’s Renewable Energy Sector

By Jeffrey Hill | August 23, 2022

Image by Globalstar

Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation operator Globalstar and Pan–American mobile satellite service provider Globalsat Group confirmed Tuesday that they finished development on a satellite IoT solution designed to monitor remote renewable energy stations in Latin America. The two companies have also entered into a partnership agreement to initially deploy 23,000 of these devices throughout the region.

In the announcement, Globalstar explained that Latin America’s remotely located energy stations have historically presented cost implications surrounding access and have caused additional loss of time, revenue, and information due to unexpected service shutdowns. The company hopes the new solution it designed with Globalsat will drastically reduce maintenance costs and allow clients to obtain daily data, including information on equipment status and energy consumption. The solution will also provide monitoring visibility as a means of theft prevention.

“It was a technically demanding development where we had to combine low power levels and high reliability, and our team was able to further optimize efficiency through the development of custom hardware, an aspect in which we are particularly proud of having been able to add value to this challenging project,” J. Alberto Palacios, CEO of Globalsat Group, commented in the release.

Globalstar and Globalsat have been working together in Latin America’s mining, energy, and government sectors since 2019 and began expanding into renewable energy projects in 2020.

“Through this partnership, we are now well positioned to expand into other energy markets around the world,” said David Kagan, CEO of Globalstar.