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Intersat Buys Eutelsat Konnect Capacity Over Gambia, Guinea Bissau, and Senegal 

By Rachel Jewett | January 26, 2022

Via Satellite archive photo

Intersat has purchased all of the available capacity over Gambia, Guinea Bissau and Senegal from Eutelsat’s Konnect satellite. This multi-year deal represents several hundred megabytes and will address the connectivity needs of enterprises and institutions.

Intersat is one of Africa’s leading internet providers and will use Konnect capacity to deliver internet service to customers in Gambia, Guinea Bissau, and Senegal located beyond the limits of terrestrial infrastructure.

This is the latest capacity agreement for Konnect, Eutelsat’s first fixed broadband satellite, which entered into service in November 2020. Eutelsat has signed a number of wholesale and distribution agreements for the satellite in Africa including with TelOne in Zimbabwe, Vodacom Tanzania, and Vox in South Africa. 

“At Intersat we strive to stay at the cutting edge of technology by investing in state-of-the art services that make our customer offer better and faster. We are pleased to integrate Eutelsat’s state of the art in-orbit assets into our suite of solutions to further roll-out our offer of robust, high quality, high speed internet to an ever-growing number of Africans,” said Aminata Sanyang, Intersat managing director.