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Myriota Partners With Yabby on Dam-Monitoring IoT Solution

By Mark Holmes | April 20, 2021

A rendering of Yabby’s remote floating storage level sensor and volume forecaster. Photo: Yabby

Myriota is partnering with sensor company Yabby Sensors, to provide dam operators and owners with a dam-monitoring solution in Australia based on Myriota’s satellite Internet of Things (IoT) platform. The company announced the partnership April 20.

The aim is to help to dam operators identify and manage safety, regulatory, and water use issues associated with dams and storages in the mining and agricultural sectors. With plans to be rolled out internationally, the Yabby Floating Level Sensor is putting an end to manual monitoring of dam water conditions, and is reducing costs, saving water and aiding compliance requirements. The technology is able to automatically provide water levels, volumes, water balance and monitor water quality.

“For decades, dams have been manually monitored, with the process causing inaccuracies in reporting data due to highly variable dam levels caused by changing inflows, evaporation, infiltration and water use. Additionally, not all the water depth could be monitored as the measurements are generally taken near the shore. The misreporting of such data can contribute to the failure of dams or an unlawful discharge and damage to the environment,” Myriota CEO and co-founder, Dr Alex Grant, said in a statement.