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Spacecom and Novelsat Demonstrat High-Volume Video Delivery over AMOS-17 Satellite

By Rachel Jewett | August 19, 2020
Artist’s rendition of the Amos 17 satellite based on the BSS-702MP bus. Image Credit: Boeing

Artist’s rendition of the Amos 17 satellite based on the BSS-702MP bus. Image Credit: Boeing

Spacecom and Novelsat report they have demonstrated end-to-end video delivery over AMOS-17 High Throughput Satellite (HTS), from network core to network edge, serving user devices over a wireless network. They said this demonstration shows benefits for bandwidth efficiency, delivery cost, and end-user quality of experience, for using satellite-based video delivery to distribute high volumes of live video content to cell sites and Wi-Fi access points, bypassing terrestrial backhaul network congestion.

According to a Wednesday release, the demonstration illustrated a complete network architecture for the delivery of Over-The-Top (OTT) live video content to multiple user devices, using Novelsat’s video processing and delivery solution over Spacecom’s AMOS-17 satellite operating live multi-band broadcasting. The demonstration used Novelsat Video Core Cloud and Video Edge Gateway. 

Aviv Ronai, vice president of Marketing and Product at Novelsat, commented on the on how the demonstration can solve issues with video streaming congesting mobile and terrestrial networks:

“This first-of-its-kind demo showcased Novelsat’s pioneering end-to-end approach to resolving video delivery challenges by utilizing ultra-efficient content distribution over powerful satellite as AMOS-17 and serving video traffic from as close as possible to the users. Setting the bar for video delivery efficiency and performance, NOVELSAT’s solution coupled with AMOS-17 digital payload leads to reduced network costs and superior quality of experience, paving the road to 5G video services and WiFi hotspots.”