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How a Satellite Inspired The Beautiful Game

By Veronica Magan | June 14, 2018
Image of the Telstar 1 satellite. Photo: NASA, Bell Labs

Image of the Telstar 1 satellite… looks familiar? Photo: NASA, Bell Labs

You’ve probably heard this one before but we just love how the space race and, more specifically, the satellite industry permeates to so many aspects of our daily lives. In this case, the iconic soccer ball!

As we mark the start of the highly anticipated 2018 FIFA World Cup today, here’s some of the history behind how satellite inspired the design of the official ball, which, by the way, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year!

Think about it, thanks to a ‘60s-era satellite design, you are able to see the ball no mater where it is on the field. Now, enjoy the World Cup and may the best team win.

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