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Globalstar, IPmotion Create Subsidiary for MSS in Japan

By Kendall Russell | October 3, 2017
Downtown Tokyo skyline at night. Photo: Flickr, B Lucava.

Downtown Tokyo skyline at night. Photo: Flickr, B Lucava.

Globalstar and IPmotion have partnered to create a new joint subsidiary, Globalstar Japan, which will offer a suite of Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) and products with voice, data, asset monitoring, tracking and emergency S.O.S. capabilities for the consumer, enterprise and government markets.

Jay Monroe, chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Globalstar, said the company will provide affordable voice and data communications as critical redundant services or as an extension to current cellular systems.

“In Japan, where natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons frequently occur, Globalstar phones and their … SOS-enabled satellite personal tracking devices will be uniquely valuable,” said Katsuaki Nishiura, CEO and representative director of IPmotion. “They will provide critical solutions for personal tracking and safety, Internet of Things (IOT), and mobile satellite phones for both consumers and local companies with a global reach.”

Globalstar Japan expects to receive type certification to sell its products in Japan in the coming weeks for a number of products, including Globalstar’s Spot Trace tracker.