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AsiaSat and Globecast Distribute Deutsche Welle’s HD Channel on AsiaSat 7

By Veronica Magan | December 22, 2016
Deutsche Welle studio

Deutsche Welle studio. Photo: DW

[Via Satellite 12-22-2016] Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company (AsiaSat) has reached an agreement with Globecast to deliver Deutsche Welle’s (DW) English-language program in HD to the Asia-Pacific region. DW in HD is an additional offering next to the existing TV channel in SD and radio services on AsiaSat 7. DW’s German-language program will continue its service across Asia via AsiaSat 5.

For the past 20 years, AsiaSat and DW have partnered to bring German information and culture to Asia. The AsiaSat fleet’s comprehensive access to Asian TV viewers has enabled DW to upgrade viewing experience as well as harness audience with different language interests.

“For DW, 2017 will be a year of not only expansion but solidification as well,” said DW’s Director of Distribution and Sales Petra Schneider. “Content, brand and technological improvement will be more dynamic than ever before — the ability to constantly engage your audience in a consistent way and adapting to their technological watching habits remain our most important goals. The move toward HD is a step in the right direction.”