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Aircom Pacific Leases Multiple Transponders across AsiaSat Fleet

By Veronica Magan | August 19, 2015
AsiaSat 8 spacecraft on the vibration table for testing.

AsiaSat 8 spacecraft on the vibration table for testing. Photo: AsiaSat

[Via Satellite 08-19-2015] AsiaSat has reached an agreement with In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFE&C) service provider Aircom Pacific for using AsiaSat’s transponder capacity and uplinking services. Under the agreement, Aircom Pacific will use Ka-band and Ku-band capacity on AsiaSat 7 and AsiaSat 8 to deliver its IFE&C services for airlines flying routes over Asia. These services include Wi-Fi broadband Internet, streaming TV and videos, streaming gaming, cellular connectivity, and real-time Duty Free shopping, and travel services.

“The airline industry is intensely competitive. In-flight entertainment and connectivity will be the key for airlines to achieve differentiation and to boost passenger loyalty. Working with AsiaSat to launch this brand new range of in-flight services, we anticipate providing our partner airlines better value, improved and more convenient services to their passengers,” said Alan Gallant, chief marketing officer of Aircom Pacific.