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GVF Certifies 21 Asia-Pacific Militaries During Satcom Endeavor

By Caleb Henry | October 9, 2014
Pacific Endeavor 2012

Pacific Endeavor 2012. Photo: U.S. Pacific Command (Flickr)

[Via Satellite 10-09-2014] The Global VSAT Forum (GVF) worked with 21 militaries in the Asia-Pacific region during Satcom Endeavor, guiding each to achieve GVF Basic Satcom Professional Certification. The eight-day training session focused on learning how to use satellite communications to be ready for natural disasters and other crises.

The United States Pacific Command sponsored the program, with GVF providing training and multiple satellite industry participants providing resources.

“GVF’s member companies and partners were instrumental to the success of the satcom training and certification program,” said David Hartshorn, secretary general of GVF. “SES and SatProf provided scholarships and expert support for the training, while systems, services and subject-matter specialists were made available by AQYR, GATR Technologies, Integrasys, Mahdi Bagh Computers, Mercantile, and SpeedCast.”

In addition to the Basic Satcom Professional Certification, all 21 militaries had representatives that either achieved or began the GVF Advanced Satcom Professional Certification training.