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O3b Declares Constellation Fully Operational

By Caleb Henry | September 2, 2014
O3b MEO Trunking

An O3b satellite. Photo: Thales Alenia Space

[Via Satellite 09-02-2014] O3b Networks has completed in-orbit testing of the four Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites launched on July 10. This brings the company’s current constellation up to eight spacecraft, with four more slated to launch in early 2015.

O3b’s eight-satellite constellation enables the company to launch full commercial service. Though services were provided with the early constellation of four, the larger constellation expands O3b’s footprint to global coverage.

O3b has commercial customers in Papua New Guinea, the Democratic Republic of Congo and elsewhere. According to Steve Collar, CEO of O3b, the company has 28 signed customers awaiting service activation.