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Inmarsat Gets Approval to Sell IsatPhones in Colombia

By Caleb Henry | August 13, 2014
Inmarsat IsatPhone Colombia

The IsatPhone 2. Photo: Inmarsat

[Via Satellite 08-13-2014] Colombia has approved the sale of Inmarsat’s IsatPhone. Globalsat Colombia, the local arm of the Latin American Globalsat Group will distribute the IsatPhone 2 and IsatPhone Pro in the country.

Inmarsat anticipates customers in mining, oil and maritime as well as emergency first responders, humanitarian aid organizations and journalists. Several other countries in Latin America have already certified the satellite phones.

“Colombia’s [Gross Domestic Product] GDP is among the top five in Latin America and the Caribbean, and we see a tremendous potential for growth in the satellite communications space,” said Robert Darias, director of sales in Latin America at Inmarsat’s enterprise business unit.

IsatPhone devices support voice, text, email, and Global Positioning System (GPS) location data. The phones are designed to withstand extreme weather such as hurricanes and sandstorms.