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EBU Conducts Ultra-HD World Cup Broadcast With NovelSat Gear

By Caleb Henry | July 14, 2014
4K World Cup

Germany vs Argentina in the World Cup Final. Photo: Wikipedia

[Via Satellite 07-14-2014] The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) used NovelSat’s satellite modulators to broadcast three World Cup matches in Ultra-HD, including the Final game between Germany and Argentina. For all 64 games, the EBU used NovelSat NS100 Modulators for HD distribution, and then used the same equipment for Ultra-HD transmission.

The NovelSat equipment incorporates the company’s NS3 satellite transmission technology, which according to the company, delivers 40 to 60 percent more capacity per MHz of bandwidth compared to industry standard Second Generation Digital Video Broadcasting-Satellite (DVB-S2) technology.

The EBU began upgrading a large percentage of its European network to NovelSat NS1000 Satellite Modulators and NS2000 Satellite Demodulators in 2013. NovelSat NS3 transmission technology is also capable of supporting 8K video for broadcasters and digital cinema distribution customers.