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Globalstar’s Newest Satellite Hotspot Product Now Available

By Rachel Scharmann | June 24, 2014

GlobalStar’s new Sat-Fi satellite hotspot service. Photo: Globalstar

[Via Satellite 06-24-2014] Globalstar released its newest voice and data solution, Sat-Fi, which allows customers to use their own devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops to send and receive communications when beyond the reach of a cellular network. The service works through a smartphone app, which provides connectivity between any Wi-Fi-enabled device and the Sat-Fi satellite hot spot.

“Although we live in a connected world, there are billions of people who work, play and live in remote locations lacking reliable and affordable voice and data communications. Globalstar’s Sat-Fi technology will allow government users and subscribers including oil and gas, marine, natural resource and emergency response to use their own device to stay connected when cellular coverage is not available,” said Jay Monroe, chairman and CEO of Globalstar.