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Orange Business Services Joins EU Initiative to Develop Cloud-Based Ship Management Platform

By Katie Kriz | March 17, 2014
Cape Ferro Columbia Ship Management

The Cape Ferro cargo ship, part of Columbia Ship Management’s fleet. Photo: Columbia Ship Management

[Via Satellite 03-17-2014] Orange Business Services has joined an initiative sponsored by the European Union to assist in the development of new business intelligence and IT standards set to improve management tools in the shipping industry. One goal of the initiative is to help shipping companies make decisions based on valid, up-to-date information across all ship management lifecycle processes. This will make it easier for companies to manage vessels and will also integrate them into a corporate infrastructure, thus facilitating real-time business decisions, enabling cost savings and improving safety and crew welfare.

As a part of the Exzellenzinitiative Schiffsmanagement (EIS) initiative, Orange will be the only provider for ship-to-shore, vessel- and land-based communication infrastructure. The company will implement a cloud-based satellite solution on several vessels run by Columbia Ship Management.

“With the new cloud-based platform in this project, we can demonstrate how improved communication between vessels and their management will streamline business tools and decisions,” said Michel Verbist, head of international business development, satellite at Orange Business Services. “Real-time ship-to-shore communication can provide a competitive advantage for both large and small shipping companies around the world.”