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Spacecom’s Amos 4 Satellite Ku-band Capacity Bought Out Entirely

By Caleb Henry | November 5, 2013
spacecom Amos Asia

Amos 2, predecessor to the Amos 4. Photo: Spacecom

[Via Satellite 11-05-13] A Southeast Asian data services provider has contracted all Ku-band capacity on the recently launched Amos 4 satellite, operated by Spacecom. Pursuant to this new contract, the data provider will use Amos 4’s full complement of four transponders to provide VSAT, mobile backhaul, maritime and other services to its customers throughout the region. Amos 4 will soon begin commercial operations at 65 degrees east, its designated permanent service location.

“By taking advantage of Amos 4’s full Ku-band capacity, our customer is ensuring that its service offerings will make an important mark on its marketplace,” said Eyal Copitt, senior vice president of sales for Africa, Asia and marketing, Spacecom.

Amos 4 has Ku-band and high power Ka-band transponders with steerable beams. These Ku and Ka transponders create a powerful platform, enabling a wide range of cross-region, cross-band and cross-beam connectivity options to reach the vast urban and rural areas of these regions. Amos 4 provides traditional and next-generation broadcast, emerging interactive, mobile and broadband reach for satellite services, including DTH, video distribution, VSAT communications and broadband Internet.