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MTN Communications Experiences Surge in Demand

By Caleb Henry | October 31, 2013
Photo: MTN Satellite Communications

Photo: MTN Satellite Communications

[Via Satellite 10-31-13] MTN Communications (MTN) continues to grow its market share in maritime communications services. The company claims customers increased demand for additional bandwidth on the MTN network by 61 percent since 2012.

This increase is a result of planned activity in highly trafficked regions, particularly in the summer Mediterranean season, as well as winter in the Caribbean and South Pacific. The company provides service to many of the world’s Top 200 megayachts (66 to 180 meters and above), including one-third of the Top 500 (53 to 180 meters and above).

MTN managing director of yacht services, Derik Wagner, has joined the Boards of the U.S. Superyacht Association and International Superyacht Society.