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Spacecom, SatLink Add TV5Monde Afrique to Amos-5 Bouquet

By Veronica Magan | February 20, 2013

[Satellite TODAY 02-20-13] Spacecom and SatLink Communications have announced the addition of TV5Monde Afrique to the Amos-5 17 degrees east French-language broadcast bouquet. SatLink Communications is providing a TV distribution platform on the satellite via its MCPC (Multi Channel Per Carrier).

   “The demand for high quality broadcast content in Africa is an area which is seeing exponential growth, particularly within the Francophone communities, as it is one of the most desirable markets for broadcasters as they continue to push their content to all corners of the continent.” David Hochner, CEO of SatLink Communications, said on a statement. “By provisioning full end-to-end broadcast solutions across three platforms on the AMOS-5 satellite, SatLink is able to provide full coverage across Africa for both international and national broadcasters looking to capitalize on this market opportunity.”
   Using SatLink’s Global Satellite and Fibre Network, the service is available on both Amos-5 Pan African C-band coverage in DVB-S and DVBS-2 and additional two Ku-Band MCPC platforms to serve Sub-Saharan countries. This gives broadcasters flexibility of distribute video content to and out of Africa for Direct-To-Home (DTH) or via Cable TV, DBS, DTT, MMDS, Mobile TV and IPTV partners across the continent. 
   The Amos-5 satellite began commercial operations in January 2012 supplying broadcast and data services to the entire African continent
TV5Monde Afrique is an international channel in the French language that provides general interest programming. The channel is well known in French-speaking countries, with a nine out of 10 recognition rate.