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TS2 Rolls Out Afghanistan Broadband Services Via Eutelsat EB4, W6

By Staff Writer | January 14, 2010

[Satellite TODAY 01-14-10] TS2 Satellite Technologies is set to roll out new broadband services on Eutelsat EB4 and W6 satellites to the Afghan commercial and military market, TS2 announced Jan. 13.
The wireless broadband service offers two-way high-speed Internet access and is designed to meet broadband requirements such as Internet and virtual private network access to enterprise networks as well as real-time Voice over IP and videoconferencing.
“Most soldiers deploy with a laptop in hand and a hookup to the Internet in their barracks. This is especially important for the many who are married and have young children. The Internet access has resulted in major morale improvements. Troops no longer feel cut off from home,” TS2 said in a statement.

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