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Kiwisat Launches DTH Offering in the Caribbean Via SES 10

By | April 5, 2018
SES 10's footprint over the Caribbean region. Photo: SES.

SES 10’s footprint over the Caribbean region. Photo: SES.

Satellite TV provider Kiwisat is launching a new Direct-to-Home (DTH) offering in the Caribbean to deliver TV entertainment to consumers on the islands using the SES 10 satellite.

Under the long-term agreement announced by SES, Kiwisat is leasing capacity on SES 10 to deliver about 130 channels, including 90 High Definition (HD) channels. The DTH platform is mainly targeting English-speaking islands with an exclusive package of American TV channels, but also includes three French-speaking channels for French subscribers.

To support the rollout of Kiwisat’s DTH platform, SES Video conducted an Elevate training program in Saint Martin, where Kiwisat is based. This training program provides antenna installers with the right set of skills to set up satellite dishes in subscribers’ homes to ensure reception. As a starting point, SES trained 10 installers to help Kiwisat deploy its platform.