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OneWeb Adds Clarus Networks as Distribution Partner in Europe

By | February 17, 2022

OneWeb satellite. Photo: OneWeb

OneWeb has beefed up its distribution capabilities in the United Kingdom and Northern Europe thanks to a new distribution partnership with Clarus Networks Group. Clarus will deliver OneWeb’s high-speed, low-latency communications services across the U.K. and Northern Europe. The partnership will enable a fiber-like experience for end users in remote locations.

Based in the United Kingdom, Clarus Networks offers specialist connectivity solutions to the construction, civil engineering, energy, utilities, and healthcare sectors.

Starting services in 2022, OneWeb’s partnership with Clarus will focus on bringing Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) connectivity to a variety of industries such as construction, utilities, and energy. The companies say this will bring a range of benefits including improving productivity, health and safety, asset tracking, environmental monitoring, and crew scheduling.

“Through our dedicated division CLEO, we are keen to leverage OneWeb’s LEO services and expand our existing remote connectivity capabilities, ensuring we can service our clients with fibre-like networks no matter the location. LEO integrated with mobile technologies such as private 5G networks which we already deploy, will revolutionize how industries such as construction, energy and utilities can leverage data to transform all aspects of operations by improving health and safety, reducing production costs, and lowering carbon emissions,” Derek Phillips, managing director of Clarus Network Group, said in a statement.