“Best of” Series

January 11, 2021

With a high surge of new digital events and online content this year, it can quickly become overwhelming trying to find the most reliable and relevant content. Via Satellite has consistently brought you high-quality content that puts a spotlight on business insights and innovation in the industry that is driving change.

We’re taking it one step further to offer the Best of Series – a compilation of influential industry content right at your fingertips! This is your opportunity to gain immediate access to broadcasted content from our digital events, executive interviews, whitepapers, case studies and more, all on one platform

Best of CyberSat

The Best of CyberSat series collates content from Cybersecurity Digital Week and CyberSatGov 2020.

Online Content Includes:

  • Quantum Information Sciences: The Space Equation
  • Space Security Policy: Latest Developments
  • Blackjack Coming: Implications and What’s Next
  • NATO As We Head Into the 2020s

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Best of OilComm

The Best of OilComm series collates content from Oil & Gas Digital Week, Connected Energy Webcast Series and OilComm 2020.

Online Content Includes:

  • Assessing The Value Of Oil & Gas Satellite Service Markets
  • Defining the New Normal in Oil & Gas
  • The Evolution of Data-Driven Oil Production
  • Designing Next-Gen Ground Systems With Energy Customers in Mind

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Best of MilSatCom

The Best of MilSatCom series includes all keynotes and sessions from MilSatCom Digital Week.

Online Content Includes:

  • Enhancing US DoD Capabilities: WGS, GPS, Digital Satellites, and Terminals
  • Keynote With Katherine Arrington, CISO A&S at the United States Department of Defense
  • Next-Generation Military Geospatial Intelligence
  • Satellite Technology Developments in MilSatCom: From the Ground Up

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