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ON-DEMAND: Making the End-to-End Communications Network a Reality

September 24, 2014
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Being connected anytime, anywhere and using any device has become the market reality. When can we expect the end-to-end communications network built to handle this explosion in network traffic to follow suit?Satellite has an important role to play in creating the reality of the converged network, due to its ability to uniquely solve the world’s toughest connectivity challenges. But before satellite can take its rightful place in the end-to-end communications network some critical action items remain in place.
Join this webinar during which Eric Watko, Vice President, Technology Initiatives, iDirect, defines the objectives that will help move satellite’s role in the end-to-end communications network past the discussion phase and into action. [Read More]

ON DEMAND: Achieving Lower Total Cost of Ownership through Satellite Ecosystem Innovation

May, 2014
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When Intelsat announced its innovative next-generation satellite network, Intelsat EpicNG, they also commenced collaboration with several ground platform and equipment providers. Through its open architecture design, Intelsat EpicNG not only minimizes start-up and transition costs due to its backwards compatibility element but also allows ground equipment manufacturers to innovate within entirely new satellite performance parameters.
Watch this this webinar to learn more about the product roadmaps in the Epic ecosystem and the game-changing technology for broadband and mobility applications. [Read More]

TECHNOLOGY BREAKFAST: 4k Ultra-High Definition TV (UHDTV): What’s Real for 2014 and Where Will We Be by 2016?

April, 2014
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As the 4K buzz continues to build among electronic retailers, the future looks promising for Ultra HD adoption in the home. But is the content and delivery eco-system poised to meet the consumer demand for a more immersive television experience?

Join Via Satellite and Intelsat for this informative session to examine:

  • Lessons learned from the experts who delivered the first end-to-end broadcast of a “True” 4K UHD live event
  • What 4K UHDTV really is, including the need for HDR (high-dynamic range) and HFR (higher frame rates)
  • What 4K UHDTV services will look like in 2014 and the technologies that will enable them, including compression, modulation, satellite and IP network capabilities
  • What’s required to deliver live immersive 4K UHDTV experiences to the home
  • Expert predictions for 2016 and beyond – including 4K deployments and 8K TV

ON DEMAND: High Utilization AND High Throughput Efficiency?  Solving the TDMA vs. SCPC Dilemma

March, 2014
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The explosive demand for satellite bandwidth both now and for the foreseeable future has service providers around the globe seeking new options for network optimization that will allow them to wring every last dollar of profit available. Up to now, those service providers have had to face the inherent limitations of existing VSAT/TDMA and SCPC architectures…and the resulting necessity to choose between SCPC-efficient throughput OR the high network utilization of VSAT/TDMA.  Traditionally, the best an operator can do is toggle back and forth between TDMA and SCPC depending on bandwidth demand. For medium-to high-throughput providers, the bandwidth management technology that solves this dilemma finally exists.  The technology can deliver the best of both worlds – TDMA and SCPC.
Join thought leaders Paul Sandoval of Teledyne Microwave Solutions and Richard Graham, CEO of Codemettle, to hear about optimizing space segment costs, maximizing link efficiency and opening up new revenue opportunities in solving the TDMA vs. SCPC dilemma.

ON DEMAND: Expect More from Your VSAT Network

December, 2013
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With demand for bandwidth rising and the need for constant connectivity growing around the globe, it’s a great time to be in the VSAT industry. iDirect is at the forefront of high-throughput satellite networks, and the company is unveiling its first product in a new line of high-performance remotes, the X7, as well as an upgrade to its platform operating software, iDX 3.2. These innovative solutions will deliver breakthrough achievements in technology for your business. Join iDirect thought leaders, CTO Dave Bettinger and Vice President, Product Management, Greg Quiggle, to hear about VSAT market trends and how the X7 remote and iDX 3.2 software offer operators and service providers’ greater performance to support their business strategy and meet customer needs.

ON DEMAND: Oil and Gas Companies: Will High Throughput Satellites Change the Equation?

November, 2013
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Oil and gas companies are some of the major users of satellite-based communications services, thus an important market for the satellite sector. However, as oil companies’ demands for bandwidth go up, particularly in terms of offshore and in remote locations, one of the key questions is how satellite will fit into their communication network needs. Join Via Satellite in this webinar to find out what oil and gas companies demands for bandwidth will be and how their complex networks will use satellite going forward.

ON-DEMAND: Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities with 4K Technology

September, 2013
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Television viewing has been revolutionized with the advent of high-definition (HD) programming, which brought a crispness and clarity to TV screens that had never been seen before. With 4K, viewers can enjoy a TV image that’s four times superior to HD. Join executive thought leaders from Intelsat and Ericsson to learn about the transmission chain for 4K from content origination to video display.

ON-DEMAND: Hosted Payloads 2013: a Seismic Year

July, 2013
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Hosted payloads remains a hot topic in our industry and 2013 could be the year where we see that potential and promise become a more commercial reality. Deals have already been signed between AsiaSat/GeoMetWatch, Harris/Iridium and EMC/Arabsat. With the U.S. government expected to soon offer more clarity in terms of its direction, 2013 promises to be the most exciting year yet for the hosted payload industry. Join Via Satellite in this webinar with key players in the industry to find out where the hosted payload market goes next.

ON-DEMAND: Limited Satellite Capacity in Asia-Pacific: Risk to our Warfighters

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When the United States entered the Middle East in the early 2000’s, they were met with a surplus of commercial satellite capacity that was sufficient to meet their communications needs. However, trusted satellite operators who do business with the government must invest in regions where they expect to get the greatest returns, and that almost always means where the addressable market is strongest. The result is a staggering limitation in the number of satellites available in the Asia-Pacific to support future National Strategy efforts and a real risk to critical communications to support our troops in the future. Join Via Satellite and SES Government Solutions President and CEO, Tip Osterthaler for perspective on the following highlights below, and open for Q&A with participants to engage in dialogue on this critical topic.

ON-DEMAND: In-Flight Connectivity: The Next Chapter   – $269

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Airlines around the world are now in full swing with their in-flight connectivity strategies, with most having announced their plans, and many actually having launched services. We are at a stage where we can assess some of the early learnings in the market, and assess the potential demand for these services. Some airlines have been very aggressive in their strategies here. Airlines such as Southwest Airlines, Gulf Air and Icelandair have been pioneers in this area. This webinar will provide key updates from the three of the most innovative airlines in this area and how they are adapting to the market and how they are looking to differentiate their services compared to other airlines. Join In-Flight Connectivity Insider in this webinar to find out what major airlines have learned so far, and where their in-flight connectivity strategies go next.


ON-DEMAND: Broadband on Cruises and Ships: The Next Great Satellite Opportunity - $269

Available on Demand Speakers and Information Royal Caribbean International is a global cruise brand with 22 ships, calling on more than 270 destinations in 72 countries across six continents. In 2012, the company signed deals with the likes of O3b Networks and Harris Caprock, and aims to be one of the leaders in providing cutting edge broadband services to passengers. In this exclusive webinar, the executive in charge of this ambitious program, Gregory Martin wlll talk about the cruise ship operator’s plans and about one of the most exciting investments the company has made in terms of its IT infrastructure, and how this investment will revolutionize the passenger experience. Join Via Satellite in this Webinar to find out how some of the most progressive cruise and shipping operators are going.


ON-DEMAND: iDirect – Solving the Need for Speed

FREE – Registration Required Available on Demand | Speakers and Information   In the satellite market, one trend is dominating today – the need for speed. End users require higher data rates to run a wide range of critical, bandwidth-heavy applications. And these demands will only increase as high throughput satellites enable faster throughput at lower space segment costs. Join Via Satellite in this Webinar to find out how satellite operators, network operators, service providers and VARS looking will meet today’s escalating customer bandwidth needs while running highly optimized and profitable networks.


ON-DEMAND: How GaN and Adaptive Satellite Access Technologies (A-SAT™) are revolutionizing the VSAT Marketplace

FREE – Registration Required Available on Demand | Speakers and Information   Years of R&D combined with real-world performance reveals that GaN-based SSPAs and BUCs are opening completely new market opportunities for Satellite based Communications with unmatched performance, high reliability and low OPEX.  Within the same footprint, GaN allows us to double the RF power and reduce energy consumption by up to 50%!  Energy efficiency and going “Green” is very important throughout the world. Attendees will learn how to achieve significant reductions in energy consumption, space and weight while maintaining linearity and significant output power; and about the newest generation satellite communications product.


ON-DEMAND: Major Service Providers in Latin America Survey the Market – $269

Available On Demand | Speakers and Information Earlier this year, Via Satellite published its first regional, multi-lingual edition called Via Satellite Latin America. It was a reflection of the great growth and opportunity for satellite companies in the region. With many international companies now looking at the region for growth, the recent success stories show no sign of slowing. This second webinar we have done in the region talks to two major end users in the region, BT and Elara to get the inside track on the latest demands for capacity from two companies, which are very much at the sharp end. Join Via Satellite in this Webinar to find out how satellite is really making a difference across the region.

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