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Ultra-HD 4K Television 4KTV

DirecTV to Begin 4K Broadcasts this Year

[Via Satellite 09-18-2014] United States pay-TV giant DirecTV is actively looking into supporting Ultra-HD content in 2014, Michael White, chairman, president and CEO told investors at Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference. Despite being critical of the market potential of Ultra-HD in the past, he said it is a service DirecTV still intends to be ready for [...]

By | September 22, 2014

Thales UK Oliver Gee

Martin Gee Steps Down at Thales Alenia Space UK, New CEO Appointed

[Via Satellite 09-22-2014] Martin Gee, former CEO of Thales Alenia Space U.K., has stepped down from his executive position. Taking the helm is Ben Oliver, former director of Systems Engineering and Assessment Limited’s (SEA) space division. Olivier has held previous roles at British Aerospace (BAe) and Matra Marconi Space. He also served as deputy chairman [...]

By | September 22, 2014

Airbus Honeywell Inmarsat

Honeywell, Thales Partner on GX-based In-Flight Connectivity

[Via Satellite 09-22-2014] Honeywell Aerospace has announced a collaborative initiative with Thales to create a joint In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) service using Ka-band Global Xpress (GX) capacity. The companies plan to integrate Honeywell JetWave hardware into Thales cabin network solutions, starting with the Airbus A350XWB and expanding to other aircraft. Honeywell intends to provide up to [...]

By | September 22, 2014

iSat Africa Gazprom

Gazprom Space Systems Inks Agreement with iSat Africa

[Via Satellite 09-22-104] Wananchi Group subsidiary iSAT Africa has entered a contract with Gazprom Space Systems (GSS) for capacity on the Yamal 402 satellite. Under the agreement, iSAT Africa will use the satellite’s southern beam for services in the Democratic Republic of Congo and other Central African countries. Yamal 402 supports a single steerable beam [...]

By | September 22, 2014

SingTel Teleport FSS

SingTel Appointed as Global Xpress VAR

[Via Satellite 09-22-2014] Inmarsat has selected SingTel to serve as a Value Added Reseller for Global Xpress (GX) with an emphasis on Asian and African markets. Singtel will focus primarily on customers in energy and media, among other verticals. The companies will also collaborate on a wholesale, managed Ka-band service supported by GX. The partnership [...]

By | September 22, 2014

MAVEN NASA Lockheed Martin

NASA’s MAVEN Spacecraft Enters Martian Orbit

[Via Satellite 09-22-2014] Following a 10-month interplanetary journey, NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN (MAVEN) research satellite has reached the Red Planet. Lockheed Martin, MAVEN’s manufacturer, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) confirmed the orbital insertion, with telemetry and tracking data coming from NASA’s Canberra, Australia-based Deep Space Network antenna station. The spacecraft now begins [...]

By | September 22, 2014

Globalstar ADS-B Flight

Globalstar, ADS-B Technologies Complete Space-Based Aircraft Tracking Demonstration

[Via Satellite 09-19-2014] Globalstar, in collaboration with ADS-B Technologies, recently completed a four-day 7,000-mile flight test of a dual-link Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) system. The space-based ADS-B Link Augmentation System, or ALAS, is capable of tracking an aircraft’s location for every second of its trip. Traditional terrestrial ADS-B lacks the global coverage capability of satellite-enabled [...]

By , | September 19, 2014


MDA’s UK Subsidiary Wins ESA Contract for ISS Component

[Via Satellite 09-19-2014] The European Space Agency (ESA) as awarded MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates’ (MDA’s) Harwell U.K.-based subsidiary a contract to build a Ka-band data relay terminal flight model for the agency’s Columbus module on the International Space Station (ISS). MDA anticipates contract finalization by the end of 2014, which has an expected value of [...]

By | September 19, 2014

GOES-R Lockheed NOAA

Lockheed Martin Mates GOES-R Modules, Readies for Testing

[Via Satellite 09-19-2014] Lockheed Martin has successfully mated the large system and propulsion modules of NOAA’s first Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-R series (GOES-R) next-gen weather satellite. Now, with the core spacecraft assembled, the company will install the six weather and solar monitoring instruments. The GOES-R satellite is scheduled to launch in early 2016, and will [...]

By | September 19, 2014

Asian Games AsiaSat

Globecast, KTsat Choose AsiaSat to Broadcast the 2014 Asian Games

[Via Satellite 09-19-2014] Globecast and KTsat have selected AsiaSat to provide transponder capacity for live coverage of the 2014 Asian Games based in Incheon, South Korea. The operator will provide C-band capacity for television feeds from AsiaSat 4, AsiaSat 5 and AsiaSat 7. Viewers will be able to watch the games on their televisions or [...]

By | September 19, 2014

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